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Who makes a perfect show host?
A successful business owner, that is well-respected in the community, but still wants to grow their business or maintain visibility is a perfect candidate to become a BizTV Shows™ host.  The potential show host may want to expand into new markets, obtain more speaking engagements, set themselves apart from their competition, or increase their presence and credibility and participating as a BizTV Shows™ host allows them to do just that!

The most successful BizTV Shows™ hosts leverage their online video episodes as part of their overall marketing strategy, which may include speaking engagements, writing/blogging, social media and networking. There is a cost to join the team and participate monthly as a show host.

Why become a show host?
  • Credibility/Accountability.  You know video is essential in this day and age, but actually creating videos sometimes stays at the bottom of your to-do list!  With BizTV Shows™ you don't have to do it all yourself!  You'll get two videos filmed and produced a month and all you have to do is prepare your content!  Your video episodes reside on your personal channel page on our network's website, where you get instant credibility as an expert.  
  • Training/Learning.  You'll be ahead of the curve with regard to creating compelling videos.  As part of the program, you will have access to customized training for creating videos that showcase your expertise.  By 2015, 75% of Internet content will be provided via video and you'll be ready!
  • Exposure/Speed Up of your Sales Cycle.  Through your shows you can showcase what you know, establish yourself as an expert, and let people get to know you as a person and business owner.  People buy from people they know, like and trust and when people get to know you through your video episodes, they will be ready to buy sooner.
  • Opportunity/Influence.  Through your participation as a show host, new opportunities will come to you through new relationships, speaking opportunities, and the influence that you gain by being seen as an expert in your field.

Apply to be considered to host a channel on one of our networks, Toledo, Columbus, Indianapolis or Tampa Bay.  Apply Today!

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